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Last Update: Tue Dec 22 12:57:19 -0800 2009


Fix for regression caused in 1.0.1 in daemon mode.


This is a quick update to 1.0.0.

  1. A critical issue was found where log was overwritten on every restart. The issue ticket is: 27553.
  2. GlassFish has its own Rackup handler. Run your rackup script using rackup command
     $ rackup -s Glassfish


This is 1.0.0 final release of GlassFish gem. This release is based on GlassFish v3 final release. See GlassFish project page.

New features in this release

  1. Implemented using GlassFish v3 embedded API.
  2. Startup time improvement. Almost 15-18% faster startup.
  3. Fully Rack compliant
  4. Support for running GlassFish gem by passing code block
       GlassFish::Server.start(:address=>"", :port=>4000) do
         use Rack::CommonLogger
         use Rack::ShowExceptions
         map "/lobster" do
           use Rack::Lint
           run Proc.new {[200, {"Content-Type" => "text/html"}, "Hello"]}
  5. Lots of fixes for Sinatra support (extensions, middleware etc.)
  6. New -a CLI switch to bind to a given IP address
  7. Grizzly (NIO based HTTP library) configuration thru glassfish.yml
       $ gfrake config

    Then look inside config/glassfish.yml.

  8. Improved support for running Rackup scripts

Bug fixes

25812 ActionController::Request.remote_ip is not set

26147 Setting Hostname IP Address Incorrectly

26149 Glassfish Gem fails to load Rails application in the production environment

26208 Can‘t get glassfish to start rails in thread-safe mode

26821 Error when running rack app

26866 JVM crash probably due to log file running over limit

26935 rack.run_once not getting set

27030 Extending CLASSPATH poisons glassfish gem?

27125 Application Environment not passed to Sinatra


This is a quick update to 0.9.4.

Main difference between 0.9.4 and 0.9.5 is that glassfish_rails exits in 0.9.4 where as in 0.9.5 it prints deprecation message and runs the application. This is so that NetBean 6.7 RC1 can still run glassfish gem.

7380 Duplicate glassfish scripts in JRUBY_HOME/bin


Bugs fixed in this release

23754 glassfish gem rails dependencies defect

24633 Better checking for arguments

24787 Problem with config.load_paths

24828 deadlock in GFFileHandler

25068 —pid option never works

25169 Add support for logging message on console

25252 cannot start if glassfish gem file is readonly: \domains\domain1\config\logging.properties

25253 extra initialization of Rails inside grizzly-jruby.jar causes problems

25254 grizzly helper in grizzly-jruby.jar doesn‘t handle numeric headers

25424 can‘t find header dir for ruby

25560 Starting multiple glassfish instances seems to have logging problems

25970 Debugging via NetBeans: setting breakpoints fails with error message on server console.

5404 SQLite3 with v3 Gem requires additional database configuration

7380 Duplicate glassfish scripts in JRUBY_HOME/bin


New features in this release

  • Support for daemon mode (only linux and Solaris)
  • Logging improvements. Direct the log to a file using -P option. Controle log level using —log-level option
  • Support for config file, glassfish.yml. Try gfrake config and use it as template. Also see —config option. Now you can provide the JVM properties for GlassFish in daemon mode inside glassfish.yml.
  • GlassFish Rake command: gfrake. Create a config file and do the cleanup of temporary files created by GlassFish. See,
          <tt>$gfrake -T</tt>
  • Support for Sinatra and framework auto-detection
  • Improved server busy handling. During app load new requests give 503 along with "Server busy loading.…" page instead of 404.

Bugs fixed in this release


23719 When starting app, gf shows the index.html page which it shouldn‘t

23721 starting gf requires sudo

23723 Support Daemon mode


Bugs fixed in this release

Startup improvements.

RubyForge Issues

23279 com.sun.grizzly.jruby.rack.RackInitializationException: Bad file descriptor - Bad file descriptor

23443 PUBLIC_ROOT variable not set correctly under mac osx in 0.9.1

Java.net Issues

6959 com.sun.grizzly.jruby.rack.RackInitializationException: Bad file descriptor - Bad file descriptor


  • Performance improvements. The request message headers are passed on from java to ruby using byte[] to avoid extra encoding resulting from String conversion.

Bugs fixed in this release

RubyForge Issues

22724 "asadmin" in %JRUBY_HOME\bin should be renamed to avoid confliction

22741 JRuby on Rails on Glassfish — Unexplainable NameError

22774 Gem 0.9.0 does not work in Production on Windows with JRuby 1.4+

22793 0.9.0 gem has ‘Activator start error‘

22795 -p option throws BindException

22836 Glassfish gem 0.9 problems on Ubuntu and Windows

22861 Error if RAILS_GEM_VERSION isn‘t defined

23007 uninitialized constant Rack while creating error app

23090 Environment flag -e is not correctly used for Merb app

Java.net Issues

6754 Running Typo in GlassFish Gem throws multiple exceptions

6764 "Rails" text shows up when deploying anything

6765 GlassFish Gem does not list rack as a dependency

6767 Impossible to set production environment for merb


  • Rack based
  • Auto detection of Rails and Merb applications
  • Merb support
  • Just one command: ‘glassfish’ would deploy a Rails application or a Merb application
  • glassfish_rails deprecated but supported for backward compatibility
  • JRuby Runtime Pool, see glassfish -h

Following issues fixed in this release

3964 Provide -port option to specify port for v3 gem

6470 HTTP keep-alive not honored

4823 glassfish_rails command should attempt to load the current directory if none specified

5446 JRuby on Rails show request header in page

Issues reported at rubyforge


  • Scaffold adding duplicate entries with v3 gem 0.1.1


  • 3976 Rails Gem: Static content not loading
  • 5046 Two concurrent Rails apps are not accessible
  • 5114 JRuby app directory deployment fails for both HK2 and Felix
  • 5160 file uploading is not working when file size exceeds 10 KB

Issues reported at forums.java.net/jive/forum.jspa?forumID=138

  • 19526 File upload problem using 0.1.2
  • 20680 File uploading is not working when file size exceeds 10 KB
  • Rails logs are wired thru the glassfish gem. Now you would be able to see the Rails log as part of glassfish_rails run.


  • Scaffold created using Rails 2.0.2 adding duplicate entries with v3 gem 0.1.1
  • After the execution of an Ajax request, all subsequent requests are also treated as Ajax requests.
  • When using observe_field for AJAX capabilities, it only works once and any attempt afterwards returns the first selected dataset.
  • Blank page returned if there are no Rails instances available.
  • Based on comments from Thomas Enebo, have changed the way we were processing requests as part of the gem.


  • The name of the gem is being changed from GlassFish to glassfish. The rails naming convention for the gems is with all lower case or with names that contain underscore.
  • Support for the applications to be deployed at the Root Context ("/") of the server. The Webrick and Mongrel servers deploy the application to the root context by default.
  • Change the default port the server to be 3000 from 8080. Port 8080 has been the default http port of the GlassFish application server, but since we are targetting the Ruby on Rails market with this space, it is better to have the http port set to 3000. At this stage I have also changed the SSL port from the GlassFish default of 8181 to 3131 and the admin default port of 4848 to be 3838.
  • Provide command arguments to the script to specify the number of runtime to be created. In v0.1.0 of the gem one could specify the number of runtimes if it was passed in as a specified as a java system property. With this version use could use the command -jruby -S glassfish_rails mephisto -n 2 to create 2 rails instance.
  • Create instances of rails in parallel. This would speed up the startup of the v3 gem


First release of GlassFish gem